It’s Hard Not to Judge When Countries are Making Their Kids Do This.

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There are cultures all over the world that have traditions that are hard for us to even fathom. For example, in a poor town in Gaza, two children were married. They were only 14 and 15 years-old, but because of their poor families, they were forced into the union.

A photographer was invited to witness the ceremony that took place between Israel and the northern Gaza Strip. The images that he captured are absolutely haunting.

The groom about to get married was only 15 years-old. His bride? She is only 14.

When the photographer first saw the young Palestinian groom, he was shocked. The boy was being carried on the shoulders of relatives and friends, looking like just a child.

After he was finished with his pre-wedding party, he resumed having fun in the street with his friends, drinking slushies and playing games.

On the day of the wedding, the groom’s mother dressed him as if she was dressing him for school. His hair was combed with a piece of broken mirror and reality began settling in on the once-cheerful child.

The family is so poor, they live in a three-room house together. There are 11 of them.

The new husband and his bride posed for a picture. It seemed he was unable to smile… and she was so nervous, she forgot to remove her veil.

It’s mind-boggling to know that child weddings such as this one are a regular occurrence in many places around the world.

Other people need to know that this is happening and we hope that someday, children can just be children, no matter where they are. Share this story.


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