This Cool Interactive Art Program Lets Everyone Become A Talented Artist

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Growing up with two older brothers was hard enough, but having to deal with them being incredibly artistically inclined was arguably more frustrating.

You see, I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life. Meanwhile, they were busting out beautiful self-portraits, complex abstract paintings, and striking still lifes like it was nothing.

That’s why you can probably understand that any tool that makes me seem like a talented artist might appeal to me…enter Silk.

The “interactive generative art” allows users to play with their cursor to create mesmerizingly cool patterns, colors, and images.

You can create calculated chaos…

Or something a bit more otherworldly.

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There’s even an app that lets you create on the go.

I can’t get over how cool these things are!

And now for my (not so) artistic creation…

Now it’s your turn!

(via Reddit)

If you’d like to learn more about the creative minds behind Silk, check out this interview with them.

While I may never even get close to matching my brothers’ skills, I can fake it for now.

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