25 Amazing Beds That Are Almost Too Amazing To Sleep In.

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There’s no greater feeling in the world than curling up in your bed after a long day. However, not all beds were created equal. These 25 beds, for example, are much more comfortable than your bed at home. If you were to relax on one of these mattresses that feel like a cloud in heaven, your day just couldn’t be better. 

I know it’s not possible, but I want to buy every single one of these.

1.) Southwestern themed bed. Not sure I’d be completely comfortable sleeping under an animal skull.

2.) A perfectly designed bed for those who sleep alone.

3.) For the Disney princess in all of us.

4.) For the Scrabble lover in your life.

5.) Hidden sleeping space in the cabinet.

6.) Can you say tree house bed!? I need one of these.

7.) This bed is nothing but net.

8.) It’s literally the Cadillac of beds.

9.) Pirate themed bed for adults.

10.) These adult bunk beds allow so much room for activities.

11.) A rocking bed for adults. Looks like heaven.

12.) Wake up and jump right in the pool.

13.) How about sleeping inside of an old beer barrel?

14.) How about sleeping on a bed of ice?

15.) Super gothic bed.

16.) That doesn’t look like such a bad place to be trapped in.

17.) For all you car lovers out there.

18.) This bed has speakers in it, so you can feel the music.

19.) Plenty of space for your knick-knacks and for sleeping.

20.) Nothing like sleeping surrounded by books.

21.) That’s magical.

22.) Sleep like an eccentric comic book billionaire.

23.) Rustic bunk beds.

24.) It’s a bed, closet, and office all rolled into one.

25.) Sleeping out under the stars, just without the bugs or the rain.

(Via: Habitissimo)

I’m about ready for a nap after seeing these comfy beds. If only I had the space in my apartment for any of them. 

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