Comatose Bride is Given a Wedding Before her Funeral

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At one point in their lives, He Jingjing and her fiance Lu Lai had everything in the world going for them. They lived in Guangdong in southeast China, had government jobs lined up and they were engaged to be married.

Then, suddenly and without warning, JingJing fell ill at work and slipped into a coma. She has been unconscious ever since that fateful day in 2011. Two years after she became comatose, her family made an extremely difficult decision.

Jingjing’s family finally decided to take her off life support.

But, before they did, they wanted to celebrate their daughter’s short life.

So, they threw her a 28th birthday celebrateion. Then, Lai and JingJing had the wedding ceremony they never got to.

Her family and her husband said goodbye to her years before they should have.

No family should have to say goodbye to their daughter on her 28th birthday. But this family found some beauty in the midst of an unfathomable tragedy.


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