Imagine Seeing THIS While You’re Out For A Walk. Even Crazier? What He’s Doing There.

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Officer Joel Zwicky of the Green Bay Police Department is clearly the world’s coolest cop. While most police officers patrol their neighborhoods in squad cars, on bikes or even on horseback, Wisconsin cop Zwicky decided to take patrolling to a whole new awesome level. By mixing his love of skateboarding with his job, Joel became the local legend that is “Skateboard Cop”.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, officer Zwicky has been with the Green Bay Police Department in Wisconsin for 10 years, and when the 40-year-old pitched the idea of a skateboard patrol to his commander two years ago as a bit of a joke, he wasn’t really expecting his CO to agree that it was a great idea. (H/T: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Share this cool cop with your friends and family below.

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