These 40 Awesome Maps Tell You Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Everything.

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As you were growing up and going through school, your teachers probably neglected to show you any maps like this. These maps aren’t just about countries and capitals. They take awesome statistics and assign them to every country. Once you see these cool new maps, you’ll probably change how you view the world. For instance, do you know what other countries think of our states? Or do you know the European country with the most attractive women? No? Well then, check out these awesome infographic maps.

1.) The most famous brand from each state.

2.) Most popular sports in the world.

3.) Red hair map of Europe.

4.) Breast size relating to countries.

5.) Current world map as Pangea.

6.) The world according to Americans.

7.) The most used web browser per country.

8.) Countries not using the metric system.

9.) Penis size relating to countries.

10.) The most popular last names in Europe.

11.) Different alphabets around the world.

12.) The most and least welcoming countries (towards foreigners).

13.) IQ scores relating to countries.

14.) What other countries call “beer.”

15.) Global freedom of the press.

16.) Most consumed alcoholic beverage by country.

17.) A map that inverses land and sea.

18.) Global driving orientation.

19.) Prevalence of obesity in different countries.

20.) The most attractive citizens in Europe.

21.) The European countries that drink the most.

22.) The US according to a search engine autocomplete.

23.) Every country that England has ever invaded.

24.) The 7 Deadly Sins map of the United States.

25.) Social networks global map (2012 vs 2009).

26.) The world’s population concentrated in one city.

27.) Map of the world in proportion to population.

28.) Lightning intensity around the world.

29.) Countries and their fertility rates.

30.) Time zones in Antarctica.

31.) If US cities kept their original names…

32.) Countries with McDonalds.

33.) The most popular last names in the United States.

(H/T Bored Panda) After seeing each of these maps, one thing is absolutely clear: the United States should consider officially adopting the metric system sometime within the next few decades. Share these awesome (and informational) maps with others by clicking on the button below!

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