20 Dogs That May Or May Not Have Forgotten How To Dog

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It’s okay to be a bit kooky sometimes.

This world is full of people striving for perfection on social media, so it’s really refreshing to go against the grain and let your freak flag fly now and then. Sure, you might get some interesting looks along the way, but if you’re living life to the fullest, there’s no need to let the haters get you down.

And you don’t have to be human to embrace your uniqueness. These 20 dogs certainly aren’t landing modeling gigs anytime soon, but they couldn’t care less. Watching these majestic creatures derp through life is inspiring.

1. This is me every night trying to get comfortable in bed.

2. “They cost how much?”

3. He’s just really excited to see water, okay?

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4. Let’s see those pearly whites.

5. “What…what is this thing??”

Bring it here! Bring it over here!

6. “I’d let myself in, but I don’t have thumbs.”


8. Too derp to swing.

9. Well, you tried.

10. She looks like a movie villain and I love every second of it.

11. Swinging chair :1, Dog: 0

12. “What do you MEAN you ran out of treats??”

13. “Hello, Mother. I do not know how this happened.”

14. “Hello. Pls let me out. TYSM.”

15. When you forget what day it is and find out it’s only Monday.

Dog doesn’t know what to do when on camera

16. “Hooman, could you give me a hand?”


18. Yep, that’s definitely how sitting works.

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19. Here’s what happens when the dog tries to make your favorite coat HIS favorite coat.

20. This is a really alarming reaction to citrus.

You taste terrible, leave at once!

Hey, we can’t be picture perfect all the time.

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