Awesome New Gadget Will Spare You The Shame Of Drinking Wine Right From The Bottle

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Whenever I start drinking wine straight from the bottle, my friends are all like, “Girl, you need to slow down,” or, “Wait, do you need medical attention? I think you need medical attention.”

But whatever. They’re just a bunch of haters. Thankfully, there’s a new gadget on the market called the Guzzle Buddy, because why wouldn’t you call it the Guzzle Buddy, and it’s here to help.

Basically, this wine bottle attachment will symbolically serve as a middle finger to all those friends who say you need to drink wine from a glass like an adult person. Circumvent their nonsense by popping this on the top of the bottle, tipping your head back, and relishing in your own genius.

Humans are capable of such greatness.

“Plug it and chug it.” — Abraham Lincoln

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They’re currently out of stock because I bought them all, but you can check out more details about this innovative, world-changing design on Amazon.

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