Someone Failed To Teach Their Pets How To Properly Play Hide And Seek. Aww!

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No one wants to see their pet go missing, but when you’re playing the game hide and seek, you do want somewhat of a challenge. Certainly there are worse qualities for a pet to have than being bad at hide and seek, but this is ridiculous. The only thing that’s hard to find in the pictures below is a reason for why these pets are so bad at playing this game… Oh FIDO.

Take a look!

1.) Oh, boy. This is going to be worse than I thought.

2.) Much, much worse.

3.) Just because you can’t find a way out doesn’t mean we can’t find you.

4.) Yeah, “hiding.” Those chips aren’t cheap, y’know.

5.) Must be stuffy in there.

6.) Well, you can’t see them if you’re face palming. That’s something!

7.) I wish failure was always this cute.

8.) Nice try!

9.) Ouch.

10.) It’s like they don’t even understand this game that was invented by humans.

11.) How sad is the state of pet hide and seek that these guys come out looking like winners?

12.) Pretty sad.

13.) This one can’t even bear to look.

(via Imgur)

Woof! Don’t quit your day jobs, or whatever it is you call laying around the house all day. At least these pets probably know sit and stay… probably.

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