Stop Doing These 10 Things — They Make You Age Faster!

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One of my favorite things to do at the county fair is stop by the guessing booth and have them try to guess my age.

While those “expert guessers” have no actual credentials that say they can guess people’s ages, the secret to their success sometimes springs from a variety of visual tells. In my case, I may never act my age, but factors such as height, the depth of your voice, and the presence of features like facial hair or wrinkles can lead a relative stranger in the right direction.

Your daily routines could also be impacting your perceived age. Who knew that habits like sleeping on your side or eating particular foods could age you more quickly? Here are 10 everyday habits that you can break if you want to slow down time.

1. Drinking with straws


Pursing your lips while drinking through a straw can cause wrinkling around the mouth. Instead, it is recommended to drink directly from the glass.

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2. Bad posture


Bad posture can impact your spinal alignment and increase tension in muscles and bones. Constant slouching can cause permanent abnormalities and as well as fatigue and pain.

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