Here Are 25 Completely Random Things You Didn’t Know That You’ll Be Happy You Do Now.

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No matter how young or old you think you are, there are lots of things about this world you don’t know. It would just be impossible to know everything. That’s why we wanted to share with you these awesome, but totally random, facts. You probably didn’t know any of these… before today. So read through these strange, but true, trivia. By the time you’re done, you’ll be happy that you know these odd facts (even if you never use that knowledge in your day-to-day life).

1.) Don’t try to mail a building.

2.) I hope they liked frogs.

3.) This is surprising.

4.) Astronauts are bean-less.

5.) Crocodiles are smarter than I thought.

6.) Bhutan is a mystery.

7.) Polar bears can be really considerate carnivores.

8.) It’s THAT cold.

9.) But do you know just how huge the oceans are?

10.) He must have been popular.

11.) Wow, what names.

12.) He was that creative.

13.) They couldn’t have worked well.

14.) Well, that depends on the TV show, right?

15.) !!!

16.) So who gave the first gorilla birth control?

17.) Then I shouldn’t drive in Russia.

18.) … oddly, that makes sense.

19.) The most frustrating license plates.

20.) So who came up with it?

21.) ASL is a complicated language.

22.) Human face or not, dolls can still be creepy.

23.) … oh wow.

24.) It is quite the big village, too.

25.) They just wanted to be different.

(H/T Full Punch) These are the kind of strange and completely random facts that you can use at dinner parties and social events. Is there a lull in the conversation? Tell everyone that hummingbirds can’t walk. Then things will get interesting. If you liked these strange facts, click on the Share button below!

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