Here Are 10 Gadgets That Make Retirement Much Much Cooler.

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“Swag” is a young man’s term for really cool stuff. But even those with weak hips can be “hip”. The baby-boomer generation is statistically the best consumers this country has ever produced, so it would make sense for companies to produce “Swag” geared towards the old dogs.

Here are some cool gadgets for retired folks!

1.) Step on to a segway!

2.) Or these shoes with battery-powered vibrating soles that stimulate nerves to improve balance.

3.) Here’s a mobile massage system that looks like a turtle shell.

4.) Looking young, feeling young.

5.) Be quick to the draw and have your beer in a holster at all times.

6.) A portable rocking chair!

7.) Supine reading glasses.

8.) Swag up your drinking with a leather-wrapped flask.

9.) Check out this back scratcher/lotion applicator!

10.) The ultimate tool for those packing it in: a home automation system.

I have to admit, I would buy most of these gadgets without even being retired. Some of them just look awesome. Share them with others on your Facebook wall by clicking on the button below.

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