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You Won’t Believe Which Animals Medieval People Just Couldn’t Figure Out.

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Back in Medieval times, people didn’t have access to information and science like we do today. Be that as it may, it’s a little insane to see the mistakes and misconceptions that were so common back then. Sure, maybe they didn’t have Internet (in fact, they couldn’t have had many books, either). But it’s hard to justify exactly why they thought these things.

Oh, brother.

1.) Weasels

People of medieval times believed weasels gave birth from their ears.

2.) Dogs

Dogs were believed to be able to cure internal wounds.

3.) Pelicans

Pelicans were believed to be able to bring their dead children back to life by covering them with their own blood.

4.) Beavers

Medieval people were under the impression that a beaver’s testicles were an important medical ingredient and would use them to try and cure their ailments.

5.) Cuckoos

These birds were believed to create cicada’s with their spit.

6.) Panther

Panthers were thought to eat dragons.

7.) Ibex

These mountain creatures were believed to be so majestic, that if they were to ever fall from a mountain, they would land safely on their horns.

8.) Mice

Mice were thought to be tiny dirt balls that grew legs.

9.) Goats

The male goat was thought to have blood that was hot enough to melt diamonds.

10.) Bees

Bees were thought to be birds that were born from the dead bodies of cattle.

(via listverse)

Okay, they were waaaay off on a lot of these. Well, all of them. There are probably a few pet owners who would agree with the dog one.

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