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I Don’t Know Where The Rich People Are Who Lived Here, But What They Left Behind Is Frightening.

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It’s hard to define what makes an abandoned place inherently frightening. Rooms and furniture aren’t naturally scary, but when they are inside of an abandoned house they suddenly become artifacts of horror or sadness. Andre Govia is an urban explorer and photographer that discovered this mansion in Belgium. He was able to capture perfectly the emptiness, desperation and fear one feels inside of an abandoned building like this. We wouldn’t be able to go in here alone.

The Round Mansion in west Belgium has been vacant for years, but it looks… strange.

All of the furniture inside is arranged as if the family still lived there.

Most rooms look as if someone just walked out of them…

It’s incredibly unsettling.

The enormous rooms in the house were cold and empty, but their sheer size also played tricks on the mind as well.

The 9 over-sized bedrooms were used by just the one family who lived there.

The mansion is full of nightmare fuel, creepy scenes we won’t soon forget.

Source: dailymail.co.uk & Andre Govia
It’s not just what was left behind that is creepy in this mansion, it’s the fact that it is so large, beautiful and well-maintained… yet humans have steered clear of it.

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