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Here Are 27 Older People That Hilariously Failed At Using Facebook. LOL, So Funny.

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Older generations didn’t grow up having the Internet or most of the technology that you use every day. Cell phones and laptops were invented during their lifetime, while they were still young. Be that as it may, they are still trying to use it the best they can, which is commendable. Sometimes, though, those attempts have awesome results. Once you see this, you might want to buy your grandma an iPhone. When you combine older people, the Internet and social media, you get something hilarious.

1.) Way to be a downer, Vincent.

2.) But did he ever get the corn???

3.) Good to know, Olive Garden.

4.) Grandma’s always there for you, sweetie.

5.) Here’s hoping he just quit.

6.) Ugh, FACEBOOK. It never listens.

7.) Advil has the answers, I just know it.

8.) The Cheesecake factory, like myself, had no idea how to respond to that.

9.) Good to know.

10.) No need to be pushy, Ellen.

11.) Mmmm, grill chess.

12.) Simple recipes always ruin my best rants.

13.) Me eat Subway. Subway fresh food.

14.) I’m pretty sure Panera is the wrong person to ask.

15.) They’re so, so lucky this wasn’t worse.

16.) … okay, I need to know the story behind this one.

17.) Maybe one day he’ll realize Red Lobster is a restaurant.

18.) This is the sweetest. And most hilarious.

19.) Forget your problems, Cody, they don’t know how to use Facebook.

20.) I think Walmart just got a little flirty.

21.) UHHHHH.

22.) And now Daniel will never know.

23.) A store isn’t a very good therapist.

24.) At least they were helpful.

25.) Who cares why this happened. Just bask in its glory.

26.) I’ve never loved a restaurant this much.

27.) Hey, fuzzy bunny milk monkey, your grandma is right.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Help others laugh by making sure your older loved one have access to the Internet, cell phones or even an ATM (any technology will do). Or, alternatively, you could just share this article by clicking on the button below.

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