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A Wedding Gone Horribly Wrong! Or Was It Horribly Right? I Can’t Decide, But I Laughed.

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An Australian woman from Melbourne decided to fly to Thailand to get married. She wanted to ensure that she would have a wedding she’d never forget. That definitely happened.

A three year-old elephant showed up at her wedding at the Thai resort of Phuket. Delighted at the surprise guest, she walked up to him. Then something hilarious happened.

The bride decided to walk up to the uninvited guest.

She thought the little elephant wanted a hug.

But it seemed like he just wanted to get a taste of her hair.

She wasn’t hurt by the curious elephant.

Not everyone can say that they had this kind of encounter on their wedding day.

Now that’s a unique way to celebrate a wedding – and no one will ever forget it.

We know he won’t, since elephants never forget!

It may not have been planned (and maybe it was a little scary) but we think this made her wedding worthwhile.


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