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Indian Government Has Been Conducting Medical Testing On Young Girls Without Consent

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When we visit the doctor, we trust that whatever is in a particular shot is what our physician says it is. And for the most part, that’s generally the case.

Unfortunately, for those in third-world countries, the options for reliable and trustworthy healthcare are few and far between. Locals rely on aid workers and charitable organizations to offer vaccines and much-needed care, but apparently, those people can’t even be trusted…

Recently in India, a healthcare campaign urging natives to get their “well-being” shot wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. The noticeable health problems associated with the testing caused a closer investigation into those administering the checkups — The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


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In 2009, children from the Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh were gathered to be given their healthcare shots. More than 16,000 little girls were lined up and injected with a new, untested HPV vaccine.


These vaccines were manufactured by Merck, a pharmaceutical company based out of New Jersey, and were administered by the nation’s health department. Over the course of a few months time, the girls were given three doses of the trial HPV vaccine, despite deteriorating health conditions. During the course of the testing, five girls were killed from the vaccinations.


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Another instance involving the Gates Foundation and non-consented vaccinations occurred in Vadodara, Gujarat. This time around, the organization was providing girls with Cervarix, another untested HPV vaccine.


In the days following the injections, the locals began noticing abnormal behavior from those involved in the testing. People began losing their appetites, which led to weight loss and a decrease in stamina.


With millions of dollars backing the foundation’s missions, the Indian government willingly approved to have these little girls used as guinea pigs for the purposes of medical research. Not once were the girls or their families told about the vaccinations.


These illegal vaccinations in India aren’t the first time a country’s government has subjected their civilians to medical harm without their knowing. Click here to learn more about biological warfare tests performed on U.S. soil.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/non-consenting-vaccinations/

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