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These Animals Prove The Theory That ‘If It Fits, I Sits’ is Undeniably True. LOL, This Is Great.

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If there is one animal that really loves squeezing into small spaces that just weren’t meant for them, then it’s cats. They love it so much that the phrase, “If It Fits, I Sits,” was coined to describe a cat’s love of snuggling into tight spaces. But our kitty friends aren’t alone when it comes to squeezing into boxes, vases or guitar cases. As this list shows a few other creatures love to do so too.

Paperwork drains energy and makes you sleepy, it’s one of them science facts.

“Even if I don’t fits, I still sits.” – This ashamed looking dog.

“Not so foalish now am I?”

It took some purrseverance, but eventually he got in there.

Is it acoustic, or does it require an amp? I’m confused.

A cat will always try to squeeze into a box…

…no matter the size of the box…

…or the size of the kitty!

When stationed overseas, you take any bed you can get.

Maple syrup isn’t the only sweet thing found in trees.

“Would you put down that camera and get me out of here, please?”

Silly pup, you’re not a dirty sock.

The craziest thing about cats has to be their reluctance to actually sleep in something meant for them, like that expensive cat bed you ordered from Amazon that one time, only for the cat to take one glance at it and then go play in what ever box it came in. Source: imgur Share these hilarious pictures with your friends below.

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