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This Man Was Shot In The Head… And Survived. Wait Until You See The Pics.

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No, this image is not Photoshopped. This man actually has a bullet in his head.

Pictured here is Sheikh Mohammed Obaid Al-Rawi, a middle aged man from the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Obaid Al-Rawi was walking home from evening prayers when clashes between government forces and tribal forces broke out. During the ensuing violence, Obaid Al-Rawi received his nasty head wound. 

Obaid Al-Rawi rushed to the hospital to have doctors remove the bullet. When he arrived he was fully conscious and said he did not feel any pain. 

(H/T: Al Arabiaya)

Talk about a splitting headache. It’s a miracle this man survived. That bullet didn’t kill him… it didn’t even penetrate his skull fully! Share this crazy story on Facebook and see what your friends think by clicking below.

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