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Easy Dinner Party Hacks: Don’t Go Without Wine Ever Again!

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There’s little worse than showing up with a bottle of wine and realizing that no one has a way to open it up. The savory goodness is tantalizingly close, yet so far. Well, fret no more. These 10 ingenious ways to solve that problem, MacGyver-style, will make you the talk of the town. At least until the next bottle, that is!


1. Use a screw and pliers to open a wine bottle, just make sure to twist UP.

2. Hammer & Nails. Three nails and you’re home free.

3. Knife: A smallest cut at the top, with a lot of wiggle, can do wonders.

4. Take a bike hook and screw it in.

5. Put the bottle in a shoe, and bang the shoe against the wall. That cork becomes an instant projectile.

6. It even works with a towel wrapped around instead.

7. Use a screwdriver… but from the other end to bash the cork INTO the bottle.

8. Or better yet, do the same thing with a toothbrush.

9. Still out of luck? Jam your key in diagonally. 

10. Okay, this is just for fun… use a blowtorch.

(via EliteDaily)

Thirsty yet?

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