Amazing Bus Driver Comforts Little Girl After Her Mother Has A Seizure On The Street

One of the most terrifying experiences for any child is seeing their parent in pain.

They’re helpless to do anything to make it stop, and often they may even be too young to know what to do to call help. For young children, their primary caregiver is their entire world.

One little girl recently experienced quite the terrifying moment, but thankfully there was a kind bus driver there to help her through it.

The 6-year-old saw her mother have a seizure on the street and ran, waving her arms for help, toward the bus nearby.

Driver Michelle Mixon held the little girl while passengers tried to make the seizing woman comfortable until an ambulance arrived.

Mixon stayed with the little girl until her mother was stable, saying it was the most emotional moment she’d ever had during her many years driving.

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