He Broke Several Laws And Cheated Death To Pull This Off. It May Be Stupid, But Wow…Breathtaking.

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“Rooftopping” sounds completely made up, but these pictures taken from death-defying heights are real. Men and woman risk their lives, sneak through security and break the law to take pictures of things that you thought weren’t possible. If you don’t like heights, these pictures taken by photographer Tom Ryaboi are going to make your palms sweat. Get ready.

Rooftopping is a legitimate, and dangerous, art.

It involves climbing to the top of sky scrapers, some over 1,000 feet tall, to take photos.

There are no wires are harnesses involved in the photography.

It’s just men and women and their cameras. It looks death-defying because it is.

Tom Ryaboi is one of the most well-known rooftoppers.

When he is atop the massive buildings, it seems like he is another world.

It’s hard to imagine what he is seeing is truly real.

The daredevil photographers have to avoid security and CCTV to get to where they want to be.

It’s not safe…

But it’s gorgeous and totally worth the effort.

To get the perfect shots, Tom even dresses in attire that is normal for the building. He’ll sneak through office buildings dressed in suits, or through construction sites dressed as a worker.

“It’s in my blood. When I was a child one day, my dad came home from work and found me sitting on top of the fridge. They had no idea how I had got there, but obviously I just liked climbing things.”

Don’t try this kind of photography at home. Or anywhere else. Source / Tom Ryaboi’s Site

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