This Vintage Bike Safety Video Will Make You Feel Very, Very Unsafe

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PSA videos are supposed to make people feel uncomfortable…but not to the point where they turn their televisions off. Unfortunately, that’s probably what happened after this bike safety PSA aired in 1963.

The short film was supposed to teach children about bicycle safety, but the fact that nine out of the 10 characters have creepy, soulless monkey faces (and the fact that at least three of them end up in intensive care) makes this film feel more like a Twilight Zone episode than a PSA.

The film was all but forgotten until it made a weird resurgence online. Many popular indie artists such as Phantogram, Dr. Dog, and Clams Casino have sampled scenes from the bizarre PSA to make videos that are somehow even weirder than the original. As I always say, there’s nothing cooler than bike safety!

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