This Is As Close To Heaven As You Can Get Without Leaving Earth. I’m Speechless.

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There are so many places in the world that will blow your mind, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Canyons, waterfalls, cities and forests all have the power to reduce your legs to jelly and make you start writing romantic novels. No matter just how many there are in existence, we did our best to find some of the ones you should really consider putting on your bucket list, because, wow.

1. The Skógafoss waterfall (Iceland).

2. The beautiful town of Colmar (France).

3. These gorgeous lavender fields (Provence, France).

4. The night sky over the Indian ocean.

5. This picturesque capital city (Bern, Switzerland).

6. The Kawachi wisteria garden (Kitakyushu, Japan).

7. The Vietnam Wall Memorial at sunrise (Washington, D.C.).

8. The Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Ukraine).

9. The Wulong Karst (China).

10. This unknown, but gorgeous, forest (Japan).

12. The Shipwreck inselberg (New Mexico).

13. The National Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington D.C.).

14. These beautiful sunsets (Fjällbacka, Sweden).

15. The colorful Landmannalaugar formations (Iceland).

16. This Japanese garden (Portland, Oregon).

17. This lovely waterfall (near Oguni in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan).

18. A beautiful forest (Colorado).

If you haven’t started packing, do it now. Share this list and get a road trip together!

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