This Is Why Fire And High School Pep Rallies Don’t Mix…This Is Terrifying

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Alright, let’s admit one thing before we get going here: high school pep rallies are kind of lame. That’s why it’s understandable that administrators might want to introduce some excitement into the lackluster events. I’ve seen some pretty innovative ideas for jazzing up a pep rally, but never anything that involved fire. If you don’t already think that’s a terrible idea, I’ll let this video of a pep rally from Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach, Florida, prove my point.

(via SunSentinel)

Stunt performer Ricky Charles, 53, (the one blasting the fire) suffered severe burns, but is in good condition at a local hospital, according to local news outlets. Seven students were also taken to the hospital for smoke and fire extinguisher fume inhalation. Though the fiery performance defied district rules, it had been approved by the high school’s principal. Police, fire, and school officials are currently investigating the incident.

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