Thousands Of Bottles Go Into the Ocean Every Year. But This One is Special.

In 2010, Brittanie Penrose was finishing her battle with brain cancer (and winning) when she and Aaron Lanari decided to toss a message in a bottle into the ocean. The two 24 year-olds lived in Oceanside Pier, CA.

Years later, it was discovered on a beach in Ipan, Guam, by a high school student. He didn’t realize just how different this message would be.

When Brittanie and Aaron dropped a bottle with a message inside into the ocean, they had no idea just how far their words would travel.

They live in Oceanside Pier, CA, and the bottle traveled 6,200 miles to Guam.

Brittanie was battling brain cancer at the time and Aaron thought it would be a fun idea to express her feelings and send them out into the world.

A 14 year-old in Ipan, Guam, discovered the bottle. Javier took it to his high school so the message could be unveiled at a ceremony.

Brittanie wrote about her cancer, her dog and her life… unfortunately, parts of the message faded due to sun exposure. At 27 years-old, she couldn’t believe that the message actually made it somewhere… over 6,000 miles away.

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