Here Are 22 Maps That Prove Americans Can’t Agree On Anything. Especially Pronouncing Pecan Pie.

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Some call it quaint, but I find it frustrating that Americans love to argue. We can’t agree on anything, whether it’s politics, the economy, or even the correct pronunciation of “syrup!” So what way better to illustrate our national argument over how you should say “pecan pie” than this collection of maps from NC State Ph.D Student Joshua Katz. In these awesome visualizations, you’ll see how the other half lives, and maybe we can even quit arguing over all those “rotaries” and “caramel” and finally agree that it’s pronounced CRAWfish, not CRAYfish!

There’s another way to say this?

When I recycle their pop bottles, but when I buy them their soda. Where does that put me?

Umm. Maybe that’s because no one owns these.

Ugh. What are those guys in California thinking? It’s a blubber… Not a water fountain!

I seriously can’t figure how to pronounce these differently.

Bow before “The City.”

Nom nom nom.

Philly is seriously just pranking us.

Alabama and Mississippi, that’s terrible.

So are traffic circles.

Let’s agree they’re just PJs?

I’ve always said tennis shoes, but never played in my life. I have no words.

Waffle House FTW.

Let’s go westward, “caramel!”

Wait what?!

The South is just lazy. Or genius.

I went to law school and you’re all wrong. It’s pronounced “blood sucking vampire.”

Today I learned…

Miami, why you trippin’?

Tiny lobsters people. Tiny lobsters.

Nation divided.

So… many… arguments in my future with my friends. At least now I have some supporting evidence. 😉 Source: Joshua Katz via Business Insider

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