A Rare White Giraffe Was Found In The Wild, And She Looks Too Beautiful To Be Real

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Many people love giraffes. In fact, my sister’s favorite animal is a giraffe. These incredibly unique creatures have striking features that really set them apart from anything else in the world.

Recently, officials in Tarangire National Park spotted a giraffe that has even more beautiful traits than most. This animal’s skin cells lack the ability to make pigment, so she’s actually white.

This rare giraffe was first seen at the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, and the photos were posted to the Wild Nature Institute‘s website. As you can see, she’s a stunning animal.

Because of this giraffe’s white appearance, locals have named her “Omo,” which is a popular brand of detergent in Tanzania. An original name for an original girl!

(via Wild Nature Institute Blog)

I think that if you spot this giraffe, you should make a wish. She’s a rare sight to behold. If you wish to protect majestic creatures like Omo, head over to the Wild Nature Institute’s website and donate today!

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