This Is The Dumbest Criminal In The Entire World. When You See What He Did, You’ll Agree.

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In a Texas community, the hunt was on for Damian and Rolando Lozano. The police believed the two suspects were responsible for 17 burglaries in the community. To aid their search, the police department posted a photo online asking for any information. To everyone’s surprise, someone posted a comment that led to the department apprehending the suspect. It was Rolando himself.

The police department in Rosenberg, Texas, posted this photo on November 18th, hoping to catch two criminals for burglarizing 17 cars.

Shortly after the image was posted one of the suspects, Rolando Lozano, commented on it. He was taunting the police.

… and minutes later, the police were able to track him down. Talk about saving the city’s tax dollars.

Congratulations, Rolando. Thanks to the internet, you were caught in record time AND now everyone knows how stupid you are.

This is the Facebook fail of the century.


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