These 27 Things Are Almost Too Brilliant For The World. These People Are Geniuses.

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Sometimes, people have an idea that’s so brilliant, they just can’t hold it in. When that happens? 

It’s awesome. 

These 27 people had some pretty genius ideas and just had to follow through with them. You may think they’re silly or gross, but personally? These people just became my heroes. I really want to try … well, ALL of these.

1.) Best scar, ever?

2.) I need these. Like yesterday.

3.) Wow, we definitely sent some questionable texts…

4.) Whoaaaaa.

5.) This guy is totally winning in the party favor department.

6.) Clever? Yeppp.

7.) See kids, that’s how you hide a tattoo.

8.) HAHAHA, great True/False method!

9.) Great comeback.

10.) Lock screen brilliance.

11.) Breaking news?

12.) Number denial taken to new heights.

13.) OMG best Instagram name ever.

14.) Wow, this is terrifyingly funny.

15.) “Save Ferris”

16.) This. Is. Awesome.

17.) I knew the Jackson 5 were related but this is ridiculous.

18.) Genius test-taking tip.

19.) Did people get smarter in the past few years?

20.) Takes street art to a new level.

21.) So, how’s your Chinese, Teacher?

22.) This quote will totally pay off one day.

23.) Brilliant.

24.) What a discovery!

25.) Have to love someone who follows through.

26.) Never worry about those bulls again. Hehehe.

27.) Ghost attack.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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