So, There’s A Ghost Town On An Island In The Arctic Ocean. And I Still Can’t Believe What’s There.

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This ghost town was once the Soviet coal-mining settlement of Pyramid. It’s located about 800 miles from the North Pole and it stands empty in the frozen waste. It used to boast nearly 1,000 citizens and now there is only one, a man named Vladimir. It’s located in Norway, on Spitsbergen island in the Arctic Ocean, and the only people who venture there are tourists seeking the weird… and oh, it’s weird.

Vladimir Prokofiev is a 33 year-old Russian guide who worked at the outpost.

It’s hard to imagine life in lonely Pyramid. Not only is it an abandoned settlement, but because it is so far North, for many days the sun shines for 24 hours straight.

There is no radio, television or internet in the settlement.

The only time Vladimir can communicate with the outside world is when he can barely get a signal on his mobile phone.

“There are no radio, TV, Internet in the village. However we can try to catch a signal from Norway in the so-called ’emotional spot’ or ‘spot of hope’,” he said. It’s literally marked by a pole.

His only companion on the island is a tiny Arctic fox that he feeds scraps to.

He named him Saigon and the little fox regularly joins Vladimir for breakfast.

Vladimir lives in the Tulip hotel in the settlement. He doesn’t require much, except for maybe his gun which he uses as protection against polar bears.

The remnants of the town are still usable, such as the gym behind him in this picture.

Staying active when you by yourself for days on end is important.

The guide takes tourists through the settlement, allowing them to see where the workers lived.

The town was abandoned after the “fall of the Red flag.”

Everything in the town has a feel of Soviet Communism about it.

If would be hard not to feel like the world’s loneliest man up here…

The town also boasts the most northern statue of Lenin in the world.

Without any contact or help, any emergency could become life threatening.

The most terrifying thought about living in a ghost town like Pyramid is if you were the only person there… and heard something go bump in the night. Then literally no one would be able to hear you scream.


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