It Might Look Like A Leaf But It’s Not… It Happens To Be Ridiculously Adorable. Aww.

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Imagine yourself walking through the woods. You see a pretty-colored leaf and reach down to pick it up. As soon as it’s in your hand, it begins to move. To your horror, surprise and forthcoming heart attack, you realize it’s not a leaf at all! It’s a leaf insect and they are all around you, fooling you with their awesome camouflage.

These little guys take on the still and nearly-perfect appearance of a leaf to hide from predators.

Some species of leaf insect even look like they have bites taken out of their leaves.

When these critters walk, they even rock back and forth, mimicking the movement of a leaf.

If you’re a world traveler, you can find these insects from South Asia through Southeast Asia to Australia.

They are generally known to be part of the Family Phylliidae.

I’m fooled, every single time I look at one.

Leaf insects are tiny, adorable masters of disguise.

… I still wouldn’t touch one, though.

Although these leaf insects can be pretty strange looking, they’re still much cuter than their cousin, the stick insect.


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