These Silly Goats Desperately Need Some Of Your Attention, Please.

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We’ve already established that dogs are better than cats, but despite what the Internet seems to think, there are more animals on this planet besides cats and dogs. Example: goats. Remember goats?

Yeah, while you’ve been sitting around look at pictures of dogs, goats have been out there killing it! Here don’t even leave your computer, we’ll just show you a bunch of pictures of goats to show you what you’re missing.

This goat is hitching a ride! (And confusing the crap out of that sheep.)

This goat prefers to ride up front.

This goat is not happy with you right now.

“Goats just wanna have fu-un!” Those are the lyrics, right?

This goat is actually a benevolent wizard who has taken the form of a goat to watch over you.

This goat is DEFINITELY watching you. Always watching you…

Ok, its a little hard to see but this goat is essentially taking a snooze against a rock wall at 90 degrees.

Goats are very good at climbing, you see.

VERY good at climbing.

Totes Ma Goats!

Don’t bother this goat because he’s at work right now.

This goat is helping you clear that brush for your end-of-the-summer pool party.

And this goat is doing the dishes.

Alright goats, you win! I don’t wanna play hide-and-seek with you guys anymore.

These goats are ready for the cold.

And this goat is ready for just about anything. Safety first!

Here is a goat riding a skateboard.

Here is a goat riding a donkey.

Here is a goat riding a human.

And here is a monkey wearing sunglasses riding a goat. That monkey knows what’s up.

Yo but seriously are we still having that pool party? Cause these goats are ready.

This goat on the other hand is excited for school starting back up.

This is an example of an evil goat wizard.

These are some top shelf goats.

These goats keep their goat castle well fortified.

Gooooo goats! If you’ve finally come around to the winning side on the goat debate, give this a share on Facebook.


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