23 Things So Ridiculously Ironic That You’ll Think It Must Be A Joke. This Is Hilarious.

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Irony is a part of life, sometimes a very unfortunate part of life. Other times, it’s just funny to laugh about. These are the most ironic things that have ever happened – and been posted online.

1. Those fasteners must be terrible

2. Freedom isn’t that… free

3. So close, yet so far

4. From the world’s most famous orphan

5. Oh, if they truly loved photography

6. He really should have seen this coming

7. Hopefully they got a refund

8. Well, that’s a bit on the nose

9. I think I prefer the real flames

10. If only this product knew the irony…

11. Now that’s some awesome city planning

12. … except this

13. If you are, don’t use this tutor

14. Those anti-tip kits must be terrible

15. This is the best bathroom vandalism in the world

16. Hopefully the locks on the Ford Escape are solid

17. Ummmm, oops?

18. How does this even happen…

19. Al Gore would not be proud. Or maybe he would be. I don’t know.

20. I’m not sure what kind of message this is sending

21. But, uh, don’t text this right away

22. If only they would follow their own rules

23. You’re an adult, speak English

And no, it’s not just like rain on your wedding day, Alanis.

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