You’ll Swear These 23 Things Are Totally Different Things. But Look Again… Because NOPE.

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Have you ever walked down the street, only to be surprised by a happy little face you see in the concrete? Or the parking meter? Seeing faces in inanimate objects or when things look like other things is called pareidolia. It’s an awesome kind of visual illusion that even has its own sub-Reddit. After you see this, you’ll be spotting faces in everything. Even your seatbelt will look like a happy little man (and you won’t feel crazy for thinking that).

1.) Owww, my eye!

2.) YAAAAAY, I’m a seashell!

3.) You stepped in something, sir.

4.) Quack, quack, I’m going to eat you.

5.) USB drive… or a soldier in the Queen’s Guard?

6.) Meet Shirtface.

7.) Google’s self-driving car is totally ready to take you anywhere.

8.) Oh hai! I’m a pipe!

9.) Don’t blow away, dandelion man!

10.) Woah… that bird has SKILLS.

11.) Someone’s really happy to see you.

12.) Evil Stormtrooper accordion is evil.

13.) Don’t move, I’ll shoot!

14.) D’awww, turtle popcorn.

15.) I’m so happy to be a stick!

16.) A giant iron man was found lurking behind the school.

17.) Just put down the knife man, no carrots have to get hurt…

18.) Chihuahua fence. x2.

19.) Oh nooo! My engine is dirty.

20.) Don’t step on meeeeee.

21.) Plank wants to haunt your dreams.

22.) This is the happiest bit of pavement in the world.

23.) Silly Cookie Monster. There aren’t cookies in frozen streams.

There are chipper lil’ guys in the world around you, you just have to keep an eye out for them. Famous astronomer and scientist Carl Sagan hypothesized that as a survival technique, human beings are “hard-wired” from birth to identify the human face. That’s why we look for it in our coffee foam now. Share these neat examples of pareidolia with your friends by clicking on the button below.

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