She Fell into a Coma While Pregnant. What Happened 2 Years Later is Unbelievable.

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In 2010, an expectant mother named Zhang Rongxiang was in a terrible car crash. The crash caused her to slip into a coma and doctors were stunned to discover that she was with child. They cared for her, letting the baby grow for five months. Then, they delivered him via C-section.

Ever since his birth, Gao Qianbo stayed by his mother’s side as she stayed in a coma. What happened next is amazing.

Her son even learned to feed her by chewing her food and transferring it to her via mouth-to-mouth.

Then suddenly and miraculously one day, Zhang Rongxiang awoke to the sound of her son’s voice.

She was ecstatic to meet the beautiful baby she was pregnant with when she slipped into the coma.

Doctors didn’t think the baby would survive the crash and they thought the mother wouldn’t wake up… and this family proved everyone wrong.

This miraculous story is one you simply HAVE to share.


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