There are many career paths available to us at some point or another in our working lives and the teaching profession offers a number of opportunities for a change of direction into a role that may be more rewarding or challenging as well as being better paid.


Teaching is a

If you your primary passion and goal is to teach then the teaching profession offers a wide and equally diverse range of higher that are not just confined to a classroom environment. A qualified teacher can provide an of skill sets that are widely sought after by many large businesses and a number of varying government agencies. Teaching is a passion and having superior skills in grammar and writing combined with a more than basic understanding of maths whilst also having a proven ability to manage people, will open a number of doors in your career path.


Education Administrator

This is often seen as the most lucrative alternative to a higher and for that reason alone it is considered to be one of the most sought after positions for those seeking a change from the traditional educational . An administrator can expect to earn somewhere in the region of $75,000 and their role is to facilitate between , take an overview of curriculum development and supervise faculty development and training. You a degree or maybe even a PhD in order to be qualified for this position.


Special Education

Your role in this specialized area is to act as a facilitator and coordinate a team of teachers, assistants, therapists and social workers in setting and achieving specific goals for students who have special needs and are impaired with , have , mental retardation and a physical or emotional imbalance. This is a challenging but equally rewarding career and if you hold a master degree in special education you should command a salary in the region of $55,000 on average.


Specialist Reading Assistance

This is an area of education that is growing at a steady rate every year and therefore there will almost certainly be opportunities that become available for suitably qualified candidates. You would be expected to concentrate on college test preparation and also work with disadvantaged youths, with an expected annual salary approaching $60,000.


Vocational Training

If you have training and experience in the vocational arts there are a wide range of employment opportunities that will enable you to apply your skills to a wider range of students outside of the classroom environment. You can expect to find career options in vocational training through various outlets such as occupational training centers , with private companies and assisting with dedicated technical programs, with a wide range of salaries on offer that are largely determined by demand and the region that you are looking to work in.



This is an area of work where your previously acquired “people skills” will be of particular use and as a teacher you offer an attractive package to an employer looking to fill a role in counseling position. Social service departments, human resource organizations and indeed many schools and educational facilities offer counseling positions which would be a suitable career change that can offer reward from not just a financial perspective.


Having gained teaching skills and experience there are many career options available to suitably qualified people who decide to seek a new challenge that can be rewarding from a monetary and job satisfaction point of view.


Justin Epley is a professional tutor. He blogs regularly on issues related to learning and using technology to facilitate the educational process. Learn more about teaching careers, visit the link.

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