can be really cool sometimes, and it has many benefits actually. There is no need to spend your time and money on transport, be nervous because of traffic jams, wear uncomfortable business clothes (if you ’t like such a style of course). It gives you an to at the most comfortable and tiny place – your apartment. Thanks to the Internet era, more and more people choose working from home, and this is not bad of course. But it often happens, that they don’t understand what traps may such a have, if they let it do that.

If you want to but still be successful and see good results of your work, you must think of the following nuances and not give them any chance to distract you from it.

So, what traps are waiting for you at home?


Your family

Yes, it sounds strange, but if you don’t live alone, your kids, spouse, or other relatives will always distract you from work, even if they don’t want to do that. All this noise around you can’t be called a helper. They just do what they do, but it becomes impossible for you to work comfortable.

Decision: Find a quite place of your apartment and make it your office. Lock the door if needed, and let your family know that when you do so, they shouldn’t interrupt you and distract you from work.


Your employer 

The truth is that when you start working from home, all around you will think that you have much more free time now. As a result, your employers ask you to do more tasks, and they give you less time for completing them.


And your family again. They find it normal, that you will not only , but also do some cooking, laundry, etc., because YOU ARE AT HOME, so, why not?

Don’t let this happen. Set some limits. There are still 24 hours in a day.



Working from home will be a perfect variant for you, if you are an introvert. As we all know, such people feel themselves more comfortable alone, and it’s even better for them to work in such conditions. But if you like communicating with people, and if you used to work in a team, then working from home will be a real challenge from you. Think twice if you are able to work alone and if it influences the results of your work.



What do we mean here? It will be more difficult for your to build your career when you work from home, because, as the old proverb says: who is out of sight is out of mind as well. When you are present in the office, your boss and colleagues see and remember about your value; but when you work from home, it makes them forget about you and about what you do to the company.

Try to take part in all group projects, and always maintain communication with your colleagues (phone, chats, e-mails, etc.).



When you work from home, you have to use your own equipment for that: computers, phones, printers, and so one. That is why you better think of it in advance, and try to equip yourself with all necessary tools before you start working.



When you work in the office, you have all this routine with you: a cup of coffee, a lunch break at the same time day by day, checking e-mail at particular time, and so on and so forth.


Don’t refuse from that when you are at home. Establish the same routine, if it helps you concentrate on your work better. Being at home doesn’t mean that you should chance all your habits. As far as you understand, it can be very difficult to get used to new surroundings if your previous one helped you work better.



Certainly, you don’t have any servers at home. And your computer may be not as powerful as the one you had in your office. So, you should always worry about your data safety and storage.


Don’t ignore antivirus software, always update it and take care of all your tasks and projects. It would be not very pleasant to lose all your data, especially if it is your team project, and your colleagues will suffer from losing their work as well as you do.


Written by Alex Strike, an author and pro copywriter of  Alex writes on different topics, including education, Internet marketing, and social media. He is alwayss ready to help you with your academic needs.

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