Working in the Aboriginal Health sector involves performing important roles in preventative and promotional health programs, as well as facilitating services for Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal health sector is a great for those wishing to utilize their to increase the standard of living and of Aboriginal communities around Australia.

A number of factors influence the health and well being of communities, many of which are environmental. These can include:

• Access to clean water
• Functional sewerage
• Appropriate housing conditions
• Air quality
• Noise pollution
• Occupational health

• Pest control

These environmental health factors are often identified as being poor in Aboriginal communities, and are sometimes well below the standards found in the wider Australian community. Aboriginal people are hospitalised for diseases related to these environmental health factors far more often than non Aboriginal people. This is just one of many Aboriginal that are trying to be improved.

Getting Aboriginal nurses and into local hospitals is another avenue that wish to improve. Aboriginal people need Aboriginal nurses and midwives in their local communities and in both junior and senior positions, as it provides a positive and important impact of the health of local Aboriginal communities, as well as providing medical job opportunities both regionally and nationally.

Many other programs have been set up to promote health issues amongst Aboriginal communities and to prevent habits and practices. This includes undertaking testing and treatment for , initiating projects that support the delivery of health services as well as improving the quality, and increasing the availability and access to health services for local communities.

Other programs that have been initiated include promoting ear and hearing health, increasing access to child and maternal health care and services, utilizing petrol sniffing prevention programs, promoting social and emotional well being and encouraging healthy family interaction.

All of these Aboriginal health opportunities can lead to some of the most unique and fulfilling health work available in Australia and entering this sector of health care is promoted around the country.

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