has evolved as has become more advanced. Because of , there is much more information available. Though in general this is a good thing, it also means that there is extra work to go around. Not only has the field changed, it is projected to continue changing as time goes by.


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Health Information Management has not always been as easy or as prevalent as it is today. Of course, your doctor’s office has always had information about you. However, that information was generally not shared with other offices or . This made it difficult to ensure the standard of care we expect today.

On top of the lack of communication, Health Information Management had other issues in the past. For example, keeping all the information was difficult. It wasn’t until about the when and clinics realized that it was important to keep the information that they had about patients. At this point, started being recorded on paper.

Paper records had to be stored. They also had to be readily accessible. Record librarians had to be hired to keep track of all the records for patients. These had to be able to memorize where patient histories were kept, how they were kept, and be able to find the information needed quickly.


Career Landscape: The Evolution of Health Information Management- My Information Site

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In the many hospitals started using computers. However, at that time, it was not an easy process. The computers that were used were huge, and they were expensive. Because of this, at the beginning of the computer age for Health Information, it was only large hospitals that could pair with that got this boost to their technology.

As computers got smaller and more financially acceptable, more hospitals were able to use this technology. Additionally, clinics were able to use computers. This made the field much more accessible.

Today, there are many programs for hospitals and clinics to use to keep patient information. These programs make it virtually impossible to lose a patient’s history, and make it so that the clinic or hospital can get information from any partner office.

Computerized records help patients ensure that their care is correct. It allows doctors to ensure that dangerous medical mistakes do not happen. With just a few clicks of a button, a doctor can see allergies, medical history, and more. This is extremely beneficial when a patient is in no state to explain this information themselves.


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Information technology itself is a growing field. When applied to the medical , it is expanding with leaps and bounds. No one can say for certain where the future of the Health Information Management may go, but there are a few things we know. It is a field that will continue to grow. As it grows, it will become more widespread. On top of that, it will become less imperfect. The field will also continue to need those who understand it, and are able to correctly use the technology that is in place.

Career Landscape: The Evolution of Health Information Management- My Information Site

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This is a field that is highly technical. Because of this, there is a demand for people who have been trained in the field. Having a health information management degree can ensure job security for those who are interested in the medical field. Having the right education in a growing profession is crucial.

Health Information Management is not going anywhere. Every hospital and clinic requires those educated in the field to properly help and support patients.

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