Are you over 50 and looking for a or considering a career change?  The most important point is how you put your years of to your advantage!  At the outset, you to decide what kind of job you’d like to have.  It has been discovered long ago that people who don’t want to go back to the type of work they have been doing for long find it rather difficult to get a different kind of job.


Generally, it is believed that you are good at doing the type of job you have been doing for so many years. The thumb rule is that one would have had three career changes in one’s lifetime.  So, if you haven’t had any changes so far, you are lucky and have the option of two more changes of career.


You need to take some definite steps for making your job search a success. The bellow lines could give you some pointers:


1. It would be good to alter the word job to vocation. Vocation is close to vacation and that means fun, meaning that you really like what you are doing.


2. Prepare a list of tasks you really enjoyed doing in your earlier . A vocation means doing productive things that you enjoy while making money in the process.


3. Likewise, prepare a list of things you didn’t like doing.


4. With a quiet mind, spend some time recalling the activities you enjoyed doing as a child. Perhaps you loved creating things? In that case you could possibly be an engineer or in some other profession requiring practical approach. Teachers often tell us that they liked playing school with other family kids.


5. Visualize your perfect vocation and write it down.  Glance through some job boards and see the titles that you find intriguing, even though you may think that you are not qualified to apply for those. Remember, you are looking for a job that allows you to use your past experience. You need to highlight your skills and experience to suit the job you are applying for.


6. This is the difficult part. You need to change your mindset to believe that you are the ideal candidate for the job you’re applying for. In fact, the successful candidates are those that are confident and feel happy doing that job.


If you show up at the interview in a depressed mood, the interviewer will also get negative energy and in most such cases you hardly stand a chance of getting that job. But if you greet the interviewer with your best smile and maintain a positive attitude, the objections are overcome by your positive energy.


7. Be inspired. Volunteer to work for organizations associated with the kind of people or industry you are interested in working with.


8. Don’t continue sitting at home and self pitying yourself.  The longer you remain idle, the longer it will take to get another job. It is quite like riding a bicycle, on falling off, you have to get back else fear will keep you down.


9. Take the Myers-Briggs test. It helps you assess the most suited vocation for you. All this time you might have been holding a job that was not meant for you. That explains why it was a job and not a vocation!


It’s very important that you do something each day. You should constantly be doing your search. Every morning I devoted ten minutes to search jobs on job boards and applying for the same.  In about a month I got the kind of job that I dreamed about, my vocation! Every time I applied for a job, I was getting more conscious of what I really wanted to do and this helped me find my dream job. It was from a totally different industry than what I had been working for. If I could get one, there’s no reason why you can’t!


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