Reports show that city jobs dropped by one third in June of this year. According to financial services recruiter Astbury Marsden, there were 2,940 in the city last June while it was 4,320 in May. Employees are looking to change jobs. With the upcoming Olympics in London, you should be concerned if you’re a . Losing staff over this period would hurt your business.  You cannot afford to have a crippled department as you will not be able to handle the influx of business the Olympics will bring. Here are some ways to keep your employees happy and motivated.

  • . It doesn’t mean that you should give all your employees a raise. Set a goal and whoever accomplishes that goal gets a monetary . For example, if an or a team successfully closes 10 accounts in a week then they get a bonus in their next pay check.
  • Small rewards. Posting an employee of the week poster gives a boost to your employees. Gift certificates for the local grocery or boutique also make good rewards.
  • A tap on the back. Sometimes a simple “good job” or “great work” is enough to get an employee going. A simple smile at the start of the day is a huge motivator.
  • Small changes. If the coffee sucks, maybe it’s time to change suppliers to keep your employees happy. Do not underestimate the power of a caffeine boost.
  • Purchase new equipment. If the printer has been a problem for the past month, then you should consider buying a replacement. A frustrated employee will often make mistakes in his work and will not have the drive to finish the day’s tasks especially if he has to work with.
  • Boost and . Have you ever observed the way your employees work? Maybe there are some things that you can do to make their work easier such as purchasing a letter folder or franking machine. If you deal with a lot of incoming and per day, you might consider buying some to make work faster. If they can cut their work time by half then they can do some more advanced work or help out with other things that matter. These small things just get in the way of your success.
  • Pep talks. It’s not only for sports or competitions. Remind your staff that they are part of something big. Remind them of your goals as a company. Tell them that the company cannot succeed without their help.
  • Take a break. Maybe your employees are burning out. Take a break on a Saturday or a Friday night and do something fun as a company. You can go out on a picnic with their families or have dinner at a fancy restaurant or just have some after-office drinks. The break will be a pleasant experience for everyone. Come Monday morning, you and your staff will be ready to tackle the week’s work.

The economy’s outlook might be a bit bleak but you can survive this by adopting creative ways to keep you and your employees motivated. Come the Olympics, you will see some major changes that you have to be ready for so it’s best that you start getting ready today.


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