With the Internet boom, begin to search for options to raise a child, without compromising on quality time. Achieving the same with a full- is tough, especially in a country like ours where the role of raising a child is primarily on the mother. Nonetheless, are willing to put their full-time career on the and seeking other income sources. With this in mind, the article suggests different options that does not require a high .



If you have a good flair for languages and can understand other language accents, you can work as a medical transcription agent from home. The work involves listening to doctors or a recorded tape and type down the instructions or information. Pharmaceutical companies and big hospitals often outsource the task to recruitment agencies. You can contact such recruitment agencies and apply. Having experience will be better but if you do not, make sure to display the flair for languages and a good typing speed.


(2) Writer + Editor

The online writing industry is taking magnanimous levels. From monetizing blogs to writing columns in magazines, freelance writing or editing opens up a plethora of options. All you need is skills, knowledge and ability to research the niche market. Businesses in foreign countries like USA and UK outsource their copywriting and editing tasks to India, primarily. If you want to work from home, this is a must try option.


(3) Home-Based Call Center

A home-based call center agent can earn a minimum of 20,000 INR per month making calls. Yes, the call center business does not a completely positively reputation but the fact is that a lot of call centers are winding up their brick and mortar business and depending on home-based callers. Apart from reducing the overhead costs for the company, it gives an awesome work from home jobs opportunity to women.


(4) Become a Travel Agent

If you love traveling to new and distant lands and can travel under budget, you can easily have a flourishing home-based travel agency. You could book tickets for travelers; give them budgeted and itemized holiday packages. You do not have to venture out of the home unless you want to and the earning potential is really limitless.


(5) A Mystery Shopper

The concept is relatively new in India but its slowly catching up. As a mystery shopper, you will be hired by an agency or a company directly with the task to sample products and services of various outlets and give first-hand feedback to the reporting department. For instance, you are hired to check out the recent Westside outlet and report to the seniors about their communication, product display, behaviour, costing and others.


(6) Technical Support Specialist

This could be considered as an extension of a call center job but it’s more specific. Here, you will be required to provide technical assistance to callers and solve their queries. For instance, you are hired by Lenovo brand as their technical support executive. Thus, the customer support requests will be routed to you and you have to solve their queries. You are paid hourly or a fixed salary, depending on the company.


(7) Earning from Hobbies

These days there are many local opportunities for women to earn from home by selling their hobbies. For instance, if you are good candle maker, you can talk to the local Church, local retailers and schools to supply homemade candles for a fixed price. Another example could be to open a home-based bakery for local buyers. The options to earn from your hobbies are endless.



Motherhood is not an end, it is a beginning. Do not think for once that being a mother will suck the life out of you. If you are determined and willing, you could easily supplement the household income by taking up .


Author Bio :  Priyanka is a part time guest blogger, currently working with sitagita.com – a global community and information portal for women in different aspects. She loves to research and write on different methods on how women can support her family financially by working from home. If you have passion and want to fulfill your dreams then go ahead and bring your ideas to real life.

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