and are going to need to know how to keep track of their educational progress so they can insure they are meeting their . Keeping track of goals and achievements can be accomplished by using a variety of different tools.

Grades 2

Grades 2 is a free tool that works on any smartphone that is running on iOS. You will be able to keep up with your as well as determine which grades you need to achieve your goals. There is also the added feature of being able to program in your assignment due dates for a .


Use one of the online checklist tools to set goals to reach and check them off once they are complete. Various apps are available for smartphones.

Written Chart

If you want a more approach to encourage you to reach your goals print off a chart online and write in your goals and cross them off as completed. You can place this chart in a well occupied area such as on your bathroom mirror or bedroom mirror.


LifeTango allows you to brainstorm your goals online. It not only helps you track your progress on your educational level but you can track your progress on any of your goals. You can even share your progress with others.

eLifeList is a fun way to track the progress that you are making because you can upload pictures to your goals to look back on. They allow you to have your own profile, a , and a status bar that show your progress at all times.


Goalmigo lets you set goals, view your progress, and even lets you track them. You can share your goals with friends and you can even get involved in groups with people who have similar goals as you.


Superviva is a goal tracker that allows you to incorporate your educational goals while being inspired along the way. They also have an inspiring blog filled with a ton of inspiration entries. The discussion forum is a great way to interact with others trying to accomplish the same goals as you.


Aimsville allows you to come up with goals by looking at the more popular ones. You can also track your educational goals here to. If you want you can even share your progress with others.

Move Mountains can help you reach your goals and also provides you with a summary of your achievements. Move Mountains is for those who really want to be advanced when it comes to their educational progression. You are sure to be motivates to achieve.

My Progress

My Progress allows you to track your educational progress along with your other life achievements. It automatically monitors your achievements.

Tools are an important asset to help you track your educational progress and goals. Many educational progress tracking tools are free, however, some of them can require you to pay a small fee.

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