Last year, I took a course in order to gain a promotion at work. I had been a Secretary in the . However, I applied for a promotion to become an to one of the University Directors. I got the job, but on the condition that I completed an Executive PA Course.

I attended the course, which comprised of a lot of different elements. I enjoyed the Writing of the Executive PA Course. This course gave me a strong overview of how to construct a piece of writing. I found out how to write concisely and efficiently communicate a message.

I researched how best to improve my writing skills and found that the best way to improve your writing skills is to practice. I was keen to continue to practice this activity, so I started to on my travels. I opened a wordpress website and started to .

I have been travelling all over and South America, so I have lots of , advice and travel stories. I started to populate my blog with a new entry every weekend. To my surprise, I got a reasonable number of subscriptions and readership.

I started to realise that I could potentially make money as a writer. I decided to open an Adsense account and allow adverts to appear on my blog. I was surprised that I was getting a reasonably good click-through-rate. I started to earn a decent amount of money, which started to motivate me to write more.

The income from my blog has never become enough for me to give up my job, but it has given me a good second income. It has certainly helped me pay for extra luxuries on my travels. I also enjoy relating the stories of my and helping advise other people.

The opportunity for somebody like me to become a freelance writer is truly new. This is due to the availability of some great blog website templates, which can be easily used by non computer people. I would recommend to anyone, whether you chose it to be your main career or just a . It is a pastime that consumes me because I have to be always thinking of what will be focus of my next story.

Written by Hugsworthy

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