is given a lot of importance in and once a student finishes 12th standard, it is time to make a . is well within the reach of those who want to study and make a good career. If you have the aptitude, you can study in some of the finest institutions that India has to offer.

The subjects you have chosen in your 12th standard largely define the career path you can choose. For instance, a student who has finished 12th standard with commerce cannot opt for engineering or any other science related subjects. While you can still change your stream after your 12th, most students decide to stick to their academic disciplines and pursue higher education in the same stream.


Before choosing a career, you should consider your interests and your aptitude. Education in India has really evolved in the last decade and a lot of career oriented courses have become available. Here are some of the best career options available after 12th.

Science, Engineering and Technology

If you want to pursue a simple Bachelor’s programs, a lot of government and offer programs in physics, chemistry, zoology and botany. If you are looking at some of the more career oriented courses, you can opt for the various , space technology, animatronics, nuclear engineering, and photonics. Computer education in India is also considered excellent and may offer a lot of exciting career opportunities.

Medical and Healthcare Services

Hospital management and administration is an upcoming area of interest for medical incumbents. With a lot of foreign investment in the health sector, hospital administration has become a challenging and rewarding career opportunity. In medicine, paramedical sciences as well as homeopathic and unani medicine are really coming up well.


Logistics, quality assurance, supply chain and event planning are some of the upcoming areas in management education. If you are able to build a good rapport with people, party and events planning is a great career option. There are several institutes offering events management education in India.

Arts and Language

A career in commercial or fine arts can be very appealing to the creative people. Some other upcoming career options in arts include gemology and archeology. You can also study to be a librarian or an archivist. , economics and foreign languages are other lucrative options with rewarding career prospects.

Tourism and Hospitality

It is common that the tourism industry in India has really grown manifold in the past few years. A career in tourism or hospitality can be really bright and successful. To be in this line of work you can opt for courses in hotel management, luxury retail, tourism and aviation. There are vocational courses available in tour operations and ticketing as well.

Mass Communication and Design

Mass communication Education In India is ideal for those who want to be a part of the ever growing communication and media industry. Some of the best career options in this field include photography, photojournalism, journalism, film studies and communication design. The design field has fashion design and accessory design as two rewarding career paths.

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