If you are a person who is interested in getting a job in the , the very first question you ask yourself is where to start from. The common misconception is that attaining a job in this field is a simple feat. However, once you start the hunt for a mining job, the reality of its and required experience sets in. Many mining companies are currently in their operational phases, meaning that they need knowledgeable personnel on site to complete the task. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t despair because it you are a dedicated and relentless individual, you will catch your break in the mining industry. Below you will find a for getting started in mining.


Get As Much Information about Mining Companies as Possible

In order to apply for a job, you have to know what you’re striving toward! A basic rule for seeking mining employment is to find a variety of companies and see their experience and certification requirements. Equally importantly, you need to see their location. Almost all mining companies are located in remote, rural towns and as such they are unwilling to hire a fresh, inexperienced individual if they are not local. However, choosing to relocate is a big decision. It would be best to only take such if you find a company that has multiple positions open, or if you are at a point in your where you have gained some skills that can put you ahead of others.


Cover the Basics

Before even thinking about applying for a job in mining, you can improve your by receiving some very . This includes getting certified in first aid, getting a white card, and passing the HR-X test for a truck license (not to mention getting a driver’s license if you do not already possess one). You can also undergo a Mine Worker’s test and apply for induction into the Mining and Resource Contractors Association. By taking these steps, you will be showing a potential employer that you are dedicated to the mining industry and are a disciplined, goal-oriented individual.

Although your on paper is important for a company, you should also be mindful of the kind of attitude that is necessary for mining. You must be able to show that you are willing to undertake rigorous work and act in a very serious manner. What’s more, if you are considering employment in mining, drinking and drug use are unacceptable lifestyles to pursue.


Apprenticeship and Internship

In order to get your foot in the door, it is a good idea to pursue an unpaid preliminary position. That way the company you work for does not undertake the risk of lost revenues with your employment and you can achieve the necessary experience for a professional position. If an unpaid position does not interest you, there is always the alternative of working for a construction or repair company, giving you experience with your hands and tool use.



There are a variety of ways to improve your position in attempting to gain a position in the mining industry. Even though this particular field is very specialized and full of requirements and red tape, mining can become a fantastic and rewarding lifelong career with the right amount of perseverance.


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