Visit SiteCalifornia State Jobs Employment Guide - California State Government Jobs Employment GuideThis guide explains the steps to state in California. I’ve been through the state process and currently work in Human Resources for a large state agency. Get my guide and learn from my experience!

Even with huge budget cuts and departmental consolidation, the state can’t keep up with the massive exodus of retiring baby boomers from state service. There are thousands of well paying state government , with full benefits and a retirement plan waiting for you. It’s all a matter of understanding the state’s convoluted hiring process. That’s what this guide is for.

Learn how to search for the right classification, schedule an exam and get to the hiring interview. Many organizations or individuals will charge you up to $100 to attend a workshop or seminar that teaches you only a portion of the information in this guide!

There are many advantages to state employment. First of all, being employed! Second, staying employed! In today’s economy job security is a top priority for job seekers and state government jobs are some of the most secure career choices you can make. Government jobs in California offer all different kinds of benefits. But, state employment is not for everybody and weighing the pros and cons of a state job is the first step in making the choice for a career as a state government employee. With this guide you will know what to expect from CA state employment.

The problem isn’t that there aren’t any jobs out there. In fact, right now there are literally thousands of California state government jobs available! Check out the official California job vacancy site if you don’t believe me:

So, there are thousands of vacant state jobs waiting for you. How do you apply? The main problem with getting a state job… Read more…

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