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Are you about to start a job search but feel you’re a little “rusty” in terms of and writing?

Do you respond to job ads that seem to be a "perfect match" only to get reject letter after reject letter?

Have you gotten “expert” advice on how to conduct a job search from but still seem to be stuck in neutral?

Since your reading this letter, the answer to at least one or all of these questions are obviously yes. That’s OK though, because you’re here now and that’s a great start!

Have you ever worked for someone that you knew you were smarter than and wondered, “How in the heck did he/she ever get that position? Who hasn’t?

Or how about that knucklehead in the next cubicle who couldn’t figure out how to turn the copy machine on, who now has a great job making more money than you with stock options.

This happens more times than you can possibly imagine. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Wake up and smell the coffee! I don’t care how great your credentials are, how smart, good looking or hard working you are, the bottom line is this.

If you don’t have a great “story” as told through exceptional cover letter and resume and a great interview, than you’re cheating yourself out of a more fulfilling career and untold thousands of dollars of immediate and future income. Let me repeat…he who has the… Read more…

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